I've been dripping kalkwasser over the years. It's simple, for the most part not complicated and doesn't require any electricity or pump maintenance.
The one problem however is that I only use 1 gallon containers. About a month or so I decided that I was going to use a larger container that will allow me to not have to replace kalk as often, maybe every few days instead of every day.
Paristaltic pumps would have to run for a few minutes just to dose enough kalk every so often to keep up with evaporation. I decided to try the Aqualifter Pumps instead. I've had a couple sitting around for a couple of years now.
After getting everything set up on my apex for a trial test and continuous trial and error, these things just aren't user friendly, at least not for me.
They don't have any way of breaking siphon, which is why they are used for overflows. Even when put on the correct outlet on an eb4 or eb8 they still don't turn off half the time. Certain outlets on Apex units are designed for low voltage inputs.
For the time being I've just stuck with the constant slow drip method that I've always used. I would hate to spend money on a paristaltic pump only to either ( a) have it run too long and shorten the life of it and (b) it not be able to dose enough or clog up.
Anyone have any suggestions or ideas?

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