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    And the winners are.......................

    RODI Unit- Eric Bennet

    RODI Unit2- Chris Scott

    Apex-Brad Isham

    XR15PRO and Mount-Brad Loth

    BioCube and Box of CaribSea rock-Tom Snyder

    Box of CaribSea rock-Scott Fuqua

    42 gallon Planet Crystaline Series, etc- Aubrey McManus

    85 gallon Planet Crystaline Series-Chris Rajczi

    120 gallon tank, stand and canopy- Ronny Cook and then donated back into raffle. Ronny drew the next ticket for this item-Chris Munguia

    150gallon tank, stand and canopy-Alex Vaughn

    Congratulations to all the winners and to each and every one who came to Frank's Tank 10th Anniversary Sale!!!!!

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    Congrats to the winners I really wanted to make it to this but was a little busy. Maybe next year.



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