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    Planet Aquarium - Standard Sizes & Configurations?

    Can someone please list the standard sizes and overflow configurations from Planet Aquarium, or a link to their website or another source of that info, since I cannot find either digging around on Google. Thanks, JB.

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    Planet Aquarium is a custom tank manufacturer. They do not have tanks available in standard sizes like the ones you would find at Petco or manufacturers like Marineland, Aqueon,Glass Aquariums, Red Sea and the many other manufacturers that produce large quantities in bulk.
    They can however build an aquarium that comes in the many standard sizes that you would purchase at any retailer but the quality will be better being that they use thicker glass or could use thicker glass and could add custom features to suit your needs or desires. Think of them more like Elos or ATM being that they can build just about any size and dimensions you want via request.
    They do not currently have a website but you can go to any one of your local fish stores and have someone contact them for a quote of what you are wanting.
    Personally I would contact or go and visit Al at Aquatic Design and see what he can do for you. He can definitely help you with what you need. If you talk to Al let him know that K.J. from NTRF sent you or told you to see about getting a quote.
    If you live on the Fort Worth side of the metroplex stop by Franks Tanks. He is a good reputable retailer that does business with Planet Aquarium and would also certainly be able to help you out.

    Hope that helps answer your question.

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    Totally agree with KJ on talking to AL or frank. Both gave me about same quotes for tank and stand. Ended up going with ALs quote as it was closer to my house and shop at aquatic design a lot.

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    If anyone is still interested I can post their "standard sizes".



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