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    Excited about my new Ritteri Anem

    Third try an an anemone, previous 2 were two small bubble tips and none of my 5 clowns would host. I had been searching for a couple months trying to find another anem and ran accross this Retteri yesterday. It was exactly what I had been searching for.
    To increase my chances I bought a very small Ocellaris that was already proven to host. Acclimated the anem and new clown, dropped the little guy in the anemones bag, added my blacker ice clown in the bag with him until they were both going in and out of the anem. Put the happy trio on a cave rock towards the top of the tank and within 45 seconds of hitting the tank water all 6 clowns were in love with their new anemone!

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    Very cool

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    Nice. Are any of the clowns a mated pair yet?

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    Unfortunately none are mated or even bonded yet. Its still early though. The picaso will definitely be the female and the other 5 are all about the same size. My guess is that the black ice will end up as the male. Its been fun so far watching them all establish their pecking order.

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    yesterday when I took the pictures these 3 clowns were the only ones allowed in the anemone. The blacker ice, misbar black and ocerllaris were all forced to watch the other 3 have all the fun. And today only the ocellaris isnt allowed to partake. Hopefully the little guy will get his chance tomorrow!



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