Thought I would post videos and links on how to quarantine and how to set up quarantine tanks to treat marine fish. I have to admit that I myself haven't quarantined marine fish in quite some time due to some of the disadvantages of quarantining but recently am considering doing with future fish purchases.
My opinion about quarantining is that I feel that it's better to lose 1 or 2 fish than to lose a tank full of fish. The problem doesn't just end with losing all of the fish in your tank but now you have introduced diseases that you probably could have prevented in the first place and they can last indefinitely. So now every time a new fish is introduced to the tank it is vulnerable to becoming sick for no apparent reason with an unknown disease or bacteria.
That's just my opinion and I should know better myself and consider the health of the fish in my consider set up to be lucky so far.
Ithought I would post this information in this forum so that the videos give a visual to what's needed and allow the links and information to serve as studying material when it's time to set up the proper tank.
There are several different methods to be used in treating diseases and bacteria and medications that have been proven to be effective.
There are many different medications available for treating different marine fish diseases, bacterias, fungas and others.
This is a list of different medications, what they treat and the effectiveness of the diseases once you have properly identified what you need to treat the fish for. The list of medications comes from one of the links posted above in case it's missed ( ).

Prazipro: This is one of my preferred meds for parasite and flukes that I have used. It’s one of the more safer medications in my opinion

Paraguard: This too is a preferred medication that I have used. This is a very good treatment options for parasites, fungus, and infections. A very safe medication to use as well.

Stress Guard: This will help to repair or replace the fish’s mucous coating from damage that can sometimes occur when they are netted out of the holding tanks, or damage due to other injuries or diseases.
Praziquantel: This can be added to regular fish food used for de-worming
Beta Glucan: You can use this like a food additive. It will help boost the fish’s immune system. It can be found at most people health food store
Maracyn Two: This is used to treat many different types of bacterial infections. As this has a shelf life to consider, you have to be careful to make sure the amount you keep on hand is not expired.
Cupramine: This is one of the best copper treatment medications. This can be used to treat either marine inch or marine velvet. This even can be used on the more sensitive marine fish and can be effective in half doses. DO not use any copper based meds if you have any inverts in your QT tank. I have founf this medication to be very effective when treating ick.

Links and websites on quarantining marine fish

This video discusses the advantages and disadvantages of a quarantine tank. The advantages out weigh the disadvantages IMO.

Other good videos pertaining to quarantining