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    Co-Op Information

    Our Objective
    The purpose of the Co-Op is to reduce the impact and stress on corals being taken from their natural habitat in the world’s oceans. This goes along in part with our organizations mission statement of sustaining marine life through conservation and preservation.

    The Goal

    The goal of this program for members involved is to provide a forum and place for donation of corals. By donating corals to others, we can provide members of NTRF a chance to grow frags that they receive and in turn pass frags of those corals to others.
    Also by participating in the program it allows members to have a place to bank corals for the future. By passing corals on to others ensures a great chance that in case of future events such as the loss of some your favorite corals, chances are that someone will be able to provide you with a frag. So the Co-Op can also be viewed as a coral bank.


    The Co-Op program is about sharing. We would like for members of the Co-Op to view the program as a place to share and not a place to receive and not give back. If your goal is to stock your tank full of freebies, then this is probably not the program for you. In order to receive, you must be willing to give. Remember, it takes time, money, resources and a great amount of dedication to maintain our tanks. It is not free to acquire and grow corals of any kind.

    You must be a Premium Site Supporter of NTRF. This is for donors and recipients. There is no limit to how many corals a donor can offer to the Co-Op.
    Recipients on the other hand will be allowed a maximum of 3 frags within a 12 month period. If said recipient donates 3 frags of one coral back to the program within a 12 month period, that person will be eligible to receive another donor coral of the same or less species (i.e. if you donate back a lps coral, you will be eligible for an lps or soft coral).
    After 12 months recipients will be eligible for 3 more donor frags.
    Donors who donate will be eligible for 1 extra frag for every 3 frags that are donated within a 12 month period. Donors will be able to receive frags of the same or a lesser care level (i.e. if you donate a sps frag you will be able to receive a frag of sps or lower level like a lps or soft coral).
    Selling of any frag recieved from the co-op on this forum or any other forum within the 12 month period is prohibited unless you have donated at least 3 frags back to the program.
    ( Donors have the right to determine rather or not a recipient is capable of maintaining and caring for a specific coral. We do recommend and highly suggest that recipients make sure that they can provide and care for the corals offered and ask question as to whether or not their tank can support certain corals. Remember that you can only receive 3 frags within a 12 month period unless you meet the other requirements to receive more.)

    Information and Care
    We ask that each donor provide care and possibly any information that may be of use to the recipient of all corals.
    Lighting, water parameters, feeding requirements water flow, placement and any other special requirements. Also pictures of the corals you donate are helpful in providing recipients with a particular coral they may be interested in.

    -These are the guidelines and rules for the NTRF Co-Op program. Rules and guidelines are subject to change. We would like for the Co-Op to be a successful part of the club and for all participants to get the most out of the program by contributing and supporting the Co-Op.
    Remember, that the purpose of the program is to provide corals to others as well as receive. It is also the responsibility of the recipient to remember that pests and disease are common. If you receive a coral from another member in the Co-Op, then taking the precautionary steps and dipping and treatment is advised as in all other cases of receiving corals.
    We will also make every effort to keep the Co-Op updated and ask that donors provide any information to help keep it updated.

    NTRF Forum Leaders
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